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Welcome to the official TheHolo.Net Forums Wiki! This wiki is for anything and everything TheHolo.Net, from groups to characters, to all the behind the scenes nonsense. If it directly relates to TheHolo.Net or the TheHolo.Net's roleplaying universes, it has a home here. Anyone who is a member of the TheHolo.Net Forums can add to and edit the content of the database. If you're having trouble getting your character bio started, please check our Character Page Guide. Before you start, please take the time to look over our Wiki Rules, Wiki Guides, and the Wiki User's Guide.

Featured News Article
Sleazy-av.jpg Good morning, idget. This data packet concerns the political entity known as the Alliance of Free Planets.

The Alliance came into existence after the Rebel Alliance (the "Alliance to Restore the Republic") managed to use Starkiller superweapons to force a ceasefire with the Galactic Empire. The Alliance now controls roughly a third of the Republic's old territory in the mid and outer rim, with many more sectors defined as neutral and beyond Imperial control under the terms of the Treaty. While the Alliance starfleet is not as formidable or numerous as the Empire's, it's borders are still well-defended: given your aversion to being obliterated into your constituent atoms, it would be wise to only attempt to cross at one of the approved transit points. Jovan Station would be my recommendation, though I would recommend avoiding the Shatterstar Lounge: I think we both remember what happened the last time you paid a visit to a seedy alien brothel.

Featured Wiki Article
Emelie1.jpg Emelie Shadowstar is the owner and CEO of Elysian Acquisitions and currently resides on Cloud City. Under this corporate guise she's in the process of rebuilding an extensive smuggling/information trading underworld operation dubbed The Exchange.

Emelie was born on the merchant CR90 Brena, a ship named by her father, Victor Shadowstar, for her mother, Brena Shadowstar. As a young child Emelie was allowed to roam around her parent's ship, toddling about fairly unsupervised as soon as she was able to walk. She was known to be a fairly happy young girl who became almost a collective daughter to the crew of the Brena as well as to various others in the merchants guild her parents belonged to.

When Emelie was five years old the Brena was attacked by a group of space pirates that left the ship crippled and the entire crew slaughtered. Brena Shadowstar, in an attempt to save her daughter's life, shoved the young girl into a locker where the young girl couldn't help but witness the brutal murders of both parents. She was found two days later by the members of the merchant's guild, clinging to her mother's corpse.

Star Wars Roleplay
Star Wars
Set in a timeline where most of the galaxy's heroes and leaders died during the Battle of Endor, the STAR WARS setting follows the ongoing conflict between the Alliance of Free Planets and the Galactic Empire, who have entered a state of Cold War with the Starkiller superweapons serving as their nuclear deterrent. The survivors of the Jedi Purge have established a new Jedi Enclave on the planet Ossus and are attempting to rebuild their Order independently of the Alliance; meanwhile the Galactic Empire has established the Imperial Knights to enforce the will of the Empress. Elsewhere in the galaxy, groups of darksiders such as The Circle, Eleutheria, and a new Sith Order have begun to band together.

On Bespin, the Empire seeks to establish a new Corporate Sector and attract new business opportunities to the region, while the likes of Black Sun, the Exchange, and other criminal groups vie for control of the city's lower levels. On the border between the Alliance and the Empire, Jovan Station has become an important trading and diplomatic post, jointly run by the Alliance and the Cizerack Pride with representatives from various non-Alliance worlds such as Zeltros, Mandalore, and even the Empire. On Corellia, a group of former Alliance soldiers have formed a Resistance movement, resorting to increasingly dark tactics in an attempt to liberate their world from the Empire.

General Roleplay
Mutants, Unite
Set in a world inspired by Marvel Comics, the MUTANTS, UNITE setting explores the ongoing conflict and friction between mutants and mundanes, featuring familiar elements such as the Brotherhood of Mutants, the X-Men, and the Avengers, but with an entirely new cast of original characters and an entirely new sequence of events that replaces Marvel's usual continuity. Roleplay focuses on a community in upstate New York where mutants and mundanes are attempting to live in harmony with each other, with additional stories taking place in New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the world.
World of Darkness
Vampires, werewolves, mages, ghosts and more. Based on White Wolf's hugely-popular World of Darkness, where reality and dark fantasy collide. Come join the Masquerade.
DC Comics
Set in a world inspired by DC COMICS, this setting explores reimagined versons of DC characters, focusing mostly on events in Gotham City. In the face of ever increasing crime and the untoward activities of Queen Consolidated, Batman and his allies who have joined forces with other vigilantes who are Outsiders from other parts of the DC world.