The Jedi Enclave

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The Jedi Order is shattered, and what remains of it is scattered across the galaxy. Those that survived the Purge and those that where taught in seclusion by the survivors are all that remain. Separated and alone, a few choose to climb from their hiding places and emerge into a vastly different galaxy than they remembered.

Emperor Palpatine is now dead, but the the Imperial Inquisitoriate still remains to hunt down the remaining Force users. Some will have hope that they can pull the Jedi back together, others will hope just to survive. Some will follow the path of light to the bitter end. Others may fall to the dark side and forget the code they once swore to uphold. Will the Jedi rise again to their former glory, or will the Jedi Knights forever be lost?

The choice is theirs alone to make, and just maybe peace can be restored.

The Purge
Order 66....
The Gathering
Jedi Knight Serena Laran was among the surviving Jedi who was instrumental in bringing the scattered Jedi together again. With the help of Daria Nytherciria and Loklorien s'Ilancy, she picked the planet Vortex as the first gathering place for the Enclave.
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Jedi Knight Kyle Krogen had previously gathered four Force adepts to the planet of Naboo and set up a training facility there.

The Wheel
The Wheel
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Roster of Active Jedi
Jedi Master

Jedi Knight

Jedi Padawan

Roster of Inactive Jedi
Before the Roleplaying Reset, The Jedi Enclave was known as the Greater Jedi Order.