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Eye Color
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Home Planet
unknown, possibly Coruscant
formerly Greater Jedi Order
Jedi Master
The Frontier

"A Jedi must remain focused. Mastery of the Force requires that all unnecessary activities be purged from daily life."
―Thall, to students at the Jedi Academy
This character does not exist in the post-reset timeline.
Thall, a Jedi Master, was a senior and highly respected member of the Greater Jedi Order. One of the original founders of the newly re-established Order, he was also one of the few Jedi to serve on the inaugural Jedi High Council. He was reportedly murdered at the hands of a Sith assassin however there have been numerous reports of sightings of the elderly Jedi Master around the galaxy to this day.
Expanded History

Not much is known about Thall - the earliest Jedi records about the man already record him as a great and powerful Jedi Knight fighting against the then newly-arisen Sith incursion. There are rumours that he was born to royalty on a planet in the Outer Regions; others say he was an orphan on Coruscant that was discovered by the Jedi and brought to be taught at the Jedi temple there. Regardless, Thall would go on to become a founding member of the Greater Jedi Order and serve on the first Council, and fight the forces of evil throughout the galaxy.

As a result of his services, Thall would be honoured with one of the highest Jedi awards - the title of Champion of the Force. His sudden murder at the hands of a Sith assassin (name unknown - Master Turbogeek speculated it may have been Sith Queen Callista herself) shocked the Order to its foundations.

However, despite his high status and background, Thall was more often seen, not as a hero, but rather as a rogue element - a renegade, stubborn, arrogant and isolating individual. He often argued vehemently with fellow Council members on Jedi matters, and was strongly opposed to rebuilding the Jedi temple on Coruscant following the planet's re-acquisition by The New Republic, believing instead that the Jedi should remain "at arms length" from the new Galactic government.

The old Jedi Master also had serious disagreements with fellow masters regarding the training of students - apocryphal sources indicate that he went as far as establishing his own Jedi school (supposedly established at the ancient - and now long-lost - Temple Mere), but no corroborating sources or witnesses can confirm what would be considered an almost treasonable act by a fellow Jedi.

Thall's lightsaber, Varscona

For most of his known life, Thall has wielded an ancient lightsaber that he calls Varscona, featuring a purple blade and a hilt made of solid stone. It is unknown whether this is the weapon's original name, or if it is one of elder Jedi's own choosing.

Also unknown is how he acquired it - it was rumoured that it was originally a Sith weapon that the elder Jedi acquired, maybe through battle with a Sith lord or via plundering an ancient Sith burial chamber. It has undoubtedly seen through many generations of owners as witnessed by the amount of scarring the hilt has endured over many years of service.

Out of Character
The character is played by long-time member and former moderator/administrator Atreyu, who decided to resurrect his old roleplaying character for the 10 year SW-Fans.Net anniversary.
Current Timeline of Roleplays

It has been several years since his supposed 'death'. Thall has suddenly reappeared wandering through the grasslands of some unknown planet, and is confronted by another Jedi Master seeking his assistance.