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This is for a timeline of our Star Wars roleplays. Edit your contributions into this article. Please include character names in the thread descriptions when possible.

AE = After Endor

Timeline Sections

  • Before Endor
  • 1 AE - The year after Endor
  • 2 AE - Second year after Endor
  • 3 AE - Third year after Endor
  • 4 AE - Fourth year after Endor


3 Years, 1 Month AE

The charismatic Moff of Doldur, Miranda Tarkin, accepts the throne of the Empire.

  • Echoes of a Past Life, Part 1

Drin Kizael

Set to coincide with the coronation of Miranda Tarkin, the Rebel Alliance uses the fact the galaxy's eyes are turned on Coruscant to launch their campaign to liberate the planet of Bothawui from Imperial influence.

Back from a long absense, former Grand Inquisitor Tear invites/forces Black Sun Vigo Sasseeri Reeouurra to his Star Destroyer, where they witness Miranda Tarkin's speech to the Moffs before the public announcement. He requests that she locate the terrorist Lilaena De'Ville for him, and also spends time with Hera, another unwilling guest of the Inquisitorate.

In Corellian space, two days after the Empress' coronation, bountyhunter Darven meets his Black Sun contact, Chir'daki, hoping for a little more info on the De'Ville bounty - and a deal with the new Guild

On Nar Shaddaa, Bountyhunter Darven visits "home" in the shape of a dingy bar called Progga's Hut in search of information on the bounty on Lilaena De'Ville. A chance "family" encounter reminds him of an old comrade, and after extracting the information he needs from an unlikely source, he decides to look up old friends before pursuing the bounty

On a chance visit from Morgan Evanar, I'nu the junk dealer realizes the magnitude of this strange Force after trying to steal the man's goods.

Bounty hunter Zephyr is contacted by Ecks to join the newly reforming Bounty Hunting Guild.

Bumping into an old acquaintance on Nar Shaddaa, Darven wastes no time trying to interest Hugo Montegue in the newly forming Guild. Hugo is a well-known exotics hunter and an asset, despite some private misgivings Darven has about the man

Black Sun agent Chir'daki meets with his boss, the vigo Grym Kandle, to discuss the syndicate's involvement with the new Bounty Hunters' Guild. As a result, Grym Kandle will be liaison, freeing Chir'daki up to return to his roots as a bounty hunter himself

An old Jedi Knight by the name of Kelt Simoson travels to the frigid planet Ilum, seeking to pass judgment upon a man who he is sure has long escaped the searing gaze of justice: exiled Jedi Master, Jeseth Cloak. He finds however, that he is unprepared for the level of power that the exile yet wields, and is viciously cut down in the autumn of his life.

The story of I'nu becoming a bit more than your simple Junk Dealer.

On the planet Ruhe, bountyhunter Darven visits his old comrade Riko and invites him to join the newly forming Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Receiving a distress call from estranged Rebel sympathizer Whill Shoashian, Dasquian Belargic and Grace Van-Derveld travel to the planet Vjun - only to find themselves ensnared in a trap laid by Sanya Tagge. Whilst a transport ferries Dasquian to Coruscant, to be interogatted, Grace breaks free of her prison cell - moments too late to save her partner.

Members of Black Nebula shake down a seedy cantina in Mos Eisley which belongs to their rival Black Sun, in order to assume complete control over Tatooine. A couple of Black Bloods pirates get in the way

Aurelias Kazaar fights a Barabel in a shock-boxing match for bragging rights, while his partner Estelle Russard learns she's been promoted. The two are also given a mission by Dasquian Belargic and Grace Van-Derveld.

Estelle Russard, Aurelias Kazaar, and the Assistant Director of Rebel Intelligence Grace Van-Derveld travel to Obas to learn why the Rebel outpost stopped sending transmissions. There they discover the Galactic Empire has set up shop on the gravity-heavy planet and now have to not only discover what happened without blowing their cover, but keep Kazaar and Van-Derveld from killing each other.

Rebel agents Estelle Russard and Aurelias Kazaar are introduced by The Black Man to Milivikal k'Vik, a Force User who will be helping them discover who the traitor(s) within the Rebel Alliance are. Wanting to learn more about her abilities, Estelle and Kazaar send her after the Imperial High General Lubomir Forrest.

Rebel agents Estelle Russard, Milivikal k'Vik, and Aurelias Kazaar disguise themselves as Imperial engineers and infiltrate an Victory-class Star Destroyer to 'observe' a Rebel SpecForces rescue attempt on General Forlon. There they discover infiltration isn't as easy as it should be. Also Alliance Intelligence's Sub-Director of Counter-Intelligence Samantha Lessard and her lower, Rawl, begin their own investigation into the mole within the REbellion.

Dasquian Belargic's capture by Sanya Tagge is made public. Grace Van-Derveld returns from Vjun to meet with the Alliance Advisory Council, who deny her request to send a rescue mission after Belargic. Fortunately, Leeadra Longstar (the representative for Corellia) offers Grace a potential life-line in a contact that may be able to help...

On Coruscant, Dasquian Belargic undergoes interogation at the hands of the Imperial Inquisitor Rossos Atrapes.

Chidlhood friends Sanya Tagge, Gallus Tagge and Sorsha Kasajian come together to celebrate the recent successes of the Galactic Empire.

Grace Van-Derveld travels to Nar Shaddaa to meet with a contact who may be able to provide some assistance in trying to locate and retrieve the Rebel's captured partner.

Members of the Rebel Alliance journey to Coruscant to rescue Dasquian Belargic from public execution at the hands of the Empire.

A chance meeting between two mix-breeds, Emelie Shadowstar and I'nu goes haywire when Emelie's old friend, D'Kor drops in on the high-class establishment and turns it seedy.

3 Years, 2 Months AE

Word of Dasquian Belargic's execution reaches the Hapes Consortium, with unfortunate consequences for Commodore Aaron Belargic...

I'nu is down on his luck, and trying to get back home from being stuck on Cloud City. The only lucky thing he has going for him is Zenas Codrey, the big bounty, is next to him in line and he has the chance to make the drop on him.

Pimp'ah, the celebrated brain, goes from press confrence university professor to a pimp with knowledge as he bumps into I'nu who is just checking out the Coruscant University on his father's request in transit back to his junk pile back on Ord Mantell.

Seeking solitude following her recent failures on Coruscant, Imperial Minister Sanya Tagge travels to Ossus where she meets an intriguing stranger in the Gardens of Talla.

In an attempt to start a new Bounty Hunters' Guild, several meetings were held over the last months; now all bounty hunters are called to the new Guild's first convention at the Guild's teporary headquarters, the pirate lair Camp Grenchikit.

Salem Ave calls in two of his apprentices, Razielle Alastor and Lilaena De'Ville to send them on a mission of great importance. In order to get Onderon out from under the thumb of the Hapan Consortium, he is sending them to the Hapes Cluster... to assassinate the Queen, leaving Razielle's daughter the only heir to the Hapan throne.

I'nu furthers his relations with the Rebels by handing over his prototype starfighter for the sake of the war, and of course, credits.

Whilst Razielle Alastor and Lilaena De'Ville are away on their mission to the Hapes Consortium, Salem Ave sets about bringing to justice a suspected Jedi sympathizer living on the outskirts of Iziz City, Onderon...

3 Years, 3 Months AE

After a run in with some pirates on a milk-run job for the Hutts, I'nu is tracked down by bounty hunter Aree Ankarta. He flees to Naboo, but not before he finds himself hiding on Cularin and things get weird.

The Russard Family hosts a get together of the Galaxy's most important people, to celebrate the coronotion of Empress Miranda Tarkin, and her wedding to Baron Gallus Tagge. Alongside heiress (and Rebel spy) Estelle Russard, the guest-list includes everyone who is anyone, from criminal entrepeneurs to a Dark Lord of the Sith, a plain-talking party-guest is definitely rarity. In a gathering full of such phenomenal amounts of power, everyone has an agenda...

Special Forces Operational Detatchment - D (typically referred to as Dorn Force) is formed in a mission to rescue the captured Duchess of Baraboo.

3 Years, 4 Months AE

In the wake of 'A Memorable Evening', the leaders of the highly successful, Imperial-funded Russard Industries travel to the Bastelraum von Dieben to meet with some potential new business partners: entrepreneurs - and black market dealers - Emelie Shadowstar and Xavier Synik.

Bountyhunter - and now also employee of Counis Corporation heir Caran - Aree Ankarta gets a message to rejoin her former partner Darven for a private kind of party to bury their past, but it's not quite as easy as asking leave from her boss...

3 Years, 5 Months AE

Sent on a job to Velusia to capture a bounty for the Empire, bountyhunter Nya Halcyon ends up battling the wrong foe as she faces Jedi Knight Ilias Nytrau.

3 Years,6 Months AE

After being freed from Imperial custody, Hugo Montegue reunites with his family, and makes a number of startling revelations: his wife is alive, secretly a Dark Jedi, and is trapped on Ord Ithil. Together with a number of close friends they travel to the planet in the hopes of liberating her; they find her already slain however, but succeed in laying her spirit to rest along with that of Mandan Hidatsa, and in freeing the Jedi Inyos Aamoran. Also, both Cambrio Montegue and Amos Iakona discover that they are Force Sensitive.

3 Years, 7 Months AE

Disgraced adult-holo-vid star Serrena Alcine calls upon the help of her Zeltron friend Dominick when times get tough. He sets her up with an interview for a job position at Silenus Corporation with his cousin, Emelie Shadowstar.

3 Years, 8 Months AE

With operations growing, Emelie Shadowstar finds herself in need of someone to act as her personal bodyguard as well as security for various shipments. One candidate stands out among the rest, the mysterious armored man known only as Peregrine.

3 Years, 9 Months AE

Yurza Magus comes out of hiding on Naboo to travel to Dathomir to join the new Darkside group Streghe. Before leaving Naboo he runs into fellow Darksider Sudoku who hitches a ride.

3 Years, 10 Month AE

Dorn Force lead by Captain Glayde travels to Ruuria on a mission to steal communications protocols from a new Imperial facility that had been constructed there.

As Salvo Starborn finds himself in a bit of a tight spot, he calls upon his old friend Emelie Shadowstar to bail him out.

3 Years, 11 Months AE

A recently promoted Major Glayde, along with 2nd Lieutenant Tur'enne are deployed on an undercover mission to Corellia, to extract an Imperial weapons designer who is attempting to defect.

  • Echoes of a Past Life, Part 2

Drin Kizael escapes Stars End

3 Years, 12 Months AE

Serena Laran sells her ship to try to buy the Jedi some time as they flee Cloud City. Unfortunately she is intercepted by Baralai Lotus, a Sith working for the Empire. A group of Inquisitors also come to bear, called in to investigate the holorecording of her knighting ceremony that had been discovered through the illegal search of her yacht. She surrenders to them, saying it is her destiny to be taken. James Prent, who was helping the Jedi leave Bespin, gets caught in the crossfire and narrowly escapes capture, thanks in no small part to Byl Laprovik.

Jeseth Cloak trains Tsumer a Anukai in the ways of the Force.

  • Getting things in Order

Members of The Rebel Alliance and The Jedi Enclave gather on Yavin 4 to mark the anniversary of Life Day.