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In Character

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Itala Marzullo
42 GSY
190 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Born in...
uh, lots


Itala Marzullo was born in Corellia to a Hades Marzullo and his wife Audra, a minute older than Verias Marzullo and two minutes younger than Jade Marzullo. Not much is known about Itala's early childhood, but much doesn't happen before his parents are discovered by the Jedi. They were prestigious members of the Corellian elite who practiced the dark side of the force in secret. A hasty trial brings about their immediate execution, leaving the three force adept children available to the ways of the Jedi.

From Light To Dark

Not much is known of Itala's infancy and teenage years, he excelled in his studies and learning of the force, eager to serve the Jedi cause. One fateful day, while reading history, (a passion of his) he stumbled upon ancient records of a distant planet in the Unknown Regions that monopolized his interest for the next few weeks. The records lead him to the execution of a rebellious couple and the names of their children. Apparently, someone had forgotten to label the files as classified.

Devastated and broken, Itala stopped attending his Jedi lessons and kept away from his master, often being spotted in a local pub drinking his life away. A shady figure known as Radda Manthys soon befriends him, not knowing that the older and mysterious man had other plans for him. He quickly introduces him to the ways of the dark side, reawakening what was meant to be.

The Sith Councils

The next day, Itala murders his Jedi master in cold blood, starting a murderous rampage that forces him to flee the planet and begin recruiting some of the worst slime in the galaxy. Among the first to join his new faction are Lady Vader, Live Wire, Mu Satach, Darth Roul, Darth Bane, and many others. The new faction is named The Sith Council and quickly turns into an impressive force, often launching attacks upon the likes of the Greater Jedi Order who together fought in epic battles.

During a quiet time, Itala decides to pay his then master Radda Manthys a visit, setting him up to be poisoned in a gas chamber, he then proceeds to slaughter his asteroid's entire crew, leaving a few alive by accident, this would later prove to be costly as Radda is rescued on the brink of death.

During this time, he also meets the beautiful Jen Katrina who quickly marries him and gives birth to his first child, Lana Marzullo. She would join his ranks as the empress of The Sith Council, reigning unmatched until a sudden revolution is instigated. Apparently dissatisfied with the way he ran the faction, his most trusted members leave and nearly kill Itala, including a pregnant Jen who would go on to deliver his children in another planet.

Itala and his son Dante.
Itala swears revenge, quickly beginning a new council to replace the traitors, including the lethal General Scorpion, Razielle Shadana, Lord Dagger, Shaede and Dralyn Reshka among many others. Lord Dagger had successfully infiltrated The Sith Order and brought back Itala's twin sons, Dante Marzullo and Ares Marzullo. By this time, Itala and his minions had made enough enemies to battle for many lifetimes, including the likes of Marcus Q'Dunn, Anbira Hicchoru, and Master Yoghurt.

Itala had brought about the deaths of many Jedi and enemy Sith, brutally finishing them off to frighten the daring ones who would oppose him next, but a new rebellion within his own ranks had prompted him to once again flee with his twin sons to the depths of space.

The Marzullo Clan

Entirely by accident, Itala stumbles upon a woman named Malycia Marzullo who shared the same family name, bringing about numerous questions of her lineage. After a lengthy talk, they realized that they were related, and that a far greater journey awaited him and his children. Malycia brings him to the hiding haven in Tatooine, meeting Castor Marzullo and the rest of his family. It would soon be revealed that the Marzullos in the Republic's records were anything but dead, but had been hiding for thousands of years after the last great war between the forces of the Old Republic and the Blood Empire, the family's old sovereign name. Itala is later introduced to the three elders of the vast family, crowning him as the rightful heir of the family legacy after blood tests discovered that he was a direct descendant of their eldest leader; Sol Marzullo.

So horrific had this war been that the Jedi had sworn to erase all memory and records of the Marzullos, afraid to expose their heinous teachings and philosophies, had it not been for one document, they would still be erased. The knowledge would be passed on from one head of the Jedi council to the next for millennium until Itala eventually stumbled upon them.

Itala then sets out to rediscover and conquer a planet known as Ziost, thanks to supplies from Darth Viscera, performing a massacre that drives the native population extinct from the face of the planet. He begins recruiting many of the family members hiding in various corners of the galaxy. It is around this time that Itala finds his sister by accident, at the time a Jedi known as Jadesfire. She was renamed to Jade Marzullo and joined the notorious clan despite the tireless efforts of the Greater Jedi Order to hold on to the female.

From the shadows, his brother Verias Marzullo also emerges, he looks exactly like Itala, but albino and with clear deformities, earning his pity and disgust. Verias would go on to become a shameful secret of the family that very few knew about.

The new Marzullo home planet served as a place to build a sizable fleet, produce hundreds of thousands of soldier clones, research new weapons and enlarge the already numerous family, but it would all come to a halt as Darth Viscera himself launched a massive attack that had the family running for their lives once more.

Barely escaping with a few ships after an epic space battle between Pollux Marzullo and Darth Viscera, Itala retreats to another planet, this time in the far corners of the Unknown Regions, ordering complete isolation to become stronger and pose a bigger threat than ever before. It is also around this time that Itala meets Jaina Lockheart whom he marries and impregnates, she gives birth to Lucius and murders her immediately after.

The flow of Itala's strategy would later also be interrupted by the appearance of more family, ones who had been outcast for thousands of years as well, the half-bred members of Delia Bavmorda's family had carried on old resentments that climax in an invasion that costs her many of her underlings.

As the years passed, Itala would go on to become even more delusional and arrogant, killing in-laws for the most ridiculous reasons, showing unnecessary cruelty to his servants and neglecting his twins sons whom he thought old enough to be able to take care of themselves. His daughter Lana had also returned with a baby within, begging for forgiveness that Itala had managed to resist, but eventually give in to.

The family arrivals had also come to a halt, discriminating upon most of the members of Branch C due to the discovery of a deformed, gigantic male known as Cyrus Marzullo whose very existence eradicated Itala's ideologies of a perfect race of force adepts. This would also prove to be costly in the future, the seeds of resentment had been planted.


The Clone And Disappearance

Itala's last known scientific project had consisted of the creation of a clone, only the opposite gender and 12 years of age. Itala had grown to slightly distrust the capabilities of his twin sons, manufacturing a female with the same midichlorian count and twice the rage, but due to an accident caused by a couple of guards, the clone had become warped and far more powerful than any fool would dare make.

Named Ithella by her own suggestion, the clone was reasonably civil at first, but as Itala's investigation ensued, it was discovered that the accident had multiplied the clone's midichlorian count by multiple times. Also, Itala's breeding and killing experiences had been passed on to the young female, driving her completely insane. Immediately after, Ithella begins a rampage that obliterates the lives of many family members, including Gretchen Marzullo.

This added to the fact that Dante had become enraged by the news of the clone replacing Itala instead of himself were anything to happen had made Dante make a final decision, one that would lead to Itala's end. Nothing is known after the start of Dante's rebellion, but little by little, it shall be revealed.

Out of Character

The roleplayer behind Itala and TMC is nick-named "Julian" (real name Giuliano) and stumbled upon the old Star Wars vs Titanic website after searching about box office results a few months before the release of "The Phantom Menace" in 1999. He is officially the first poster in the old ezboard who began posting in third person as a Sith, starting a trend that very few could predict it would lead to present day Star Wars Fans.



17-year-old Julian plotting and scheming.
  • The name Itala Marzullo is a modified version of Julian's mother's name. At 17 years old and very new to the internet, he wasn't aware that he could use anything other than the account owner's name for registrations. The name proved to be so popular that he kept it despite the plans to come up with an original Star Wars name.
  • Originally picked Ben Affleck for Itala, but switched to Joaquin Phoenix in shock that Riddley Scott's Commodus was extremely similar to Itala, looks and personality wise.
  • Claims to effectively merge the Talk City roleplayers with Star Wars Fans after bringing General Scorpion over, starting a chain reaction that would bring many great roleplayers to ezboard.
  • His troubles landed him what seemed to be a permanent ban back in the year 2000, but after a 7 year hiatus, has returned to continue contributing to the SW Fans storyline.
Itala's official sig, edited by Laura.
*Julian is a big fan of history, ancient warfare and historical epics, evident in the types of storylines and pictures/characters/names used in The Marzullo Clan.
  • The original Sith Council was used to scare Titanic fans away from the old board, who would often post to diminish and belittle the Star Wars series. Some of the scare tactics included cursing, name-calling and outright threats.
  • Many of the veterans in Star Wars Fans have had a relationship with Itala in one way or another, be it as Sith follower or Marzullo family member.

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